Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pet Fire Safety Day 2014

Today is Pet Fire Safety Day!

Did you know....

       According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 500,000 dogs and cats will be affected by house fires.
       Additionally, an estimated 40,000 pets die in house fires each year. Thankfully, due to greater awareness and community support, many firefighters and EMS crews now carry oxygen masks to help our four-legged friends. Their bravery means many lives saved.

       So what can we do to keep our furry friends safe?

     Fire Prevention Tips:
  • Remove or lock knobs on stoves. These can easily be moved by pets to turn on stoves when pet parents are not at home. There are also covers available for the knobs to help with this.
  • "Fur-baby" proof your home. Just as you would with a toddler that is exploring the house for the first time, pet proof your home so dangers are removed or limited. An important part of this is removing any loose hanging or exposed wiring.
  • Switch to flameless candles. They often are just as pretty as regular candles, but without the dangers. If you do use normal candles, be sure to put them out when unattended.

    Other great tips for Fire Safety Day include:
  • Make sure your pet has proper identification tags. In the event of an emergency (fire or otherwise), pets are often spooked and flee, or are taken in by emergency personnel or volunteers. With proper ID (which include microchips that cannot be lost), your pet will find his or her way back to you.
  • Get rescue stickers. These window stickers or clings are a sign to emergency personnel that you have pets inside that may need rescued.
  • Keep kenneled pets close to doors. This will help if they do need to be rescued.
  • Make an emergency kit. Include in this kit any medications that the pet is on (for a few days until you are able to get more), bottled water, some food, extra leashes and collars, and basic first aid supplies. Keep your kit by a door, or in your car for easier access.

For any questions, give our office a call at 717-264-9525!

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